Transparency and Trust

How do you know you can trust the food you are buying? We have seen massive issues in the past, the horse meat scandal, customer deaths due to allergic reactions to food ingredients.

The World Health Organisation estimates that almost 1 in 10 people become ill every year from eating contaminated food, with 420,000 dying as a result. Our global food supply has grown so complex that it has become almost impossible for food producers and retailers to guarantee the provenance of their products.

food tracking
Block chain development


TrackGenesis is a Blockchain based AI powered software platform designed for food and drink industry. This will enable food and drink manufacturers to fully digitize their supply chain and allow their consumers to access all information about the product from its origin to the shelf within seconds using a smartphone.

Providing absolute transparency will help companies to build loyal consumers and also create a competitive edge.


Building Transparency and Trust through Innovation​


The company was established in Aberdeen by highly skilled, experienced and motivated software professionals who share a passion for solving real world problems using innovative technologies.​

Key Issues

TrackGenesis aim to resolve the following key problems in the market: Lack of transparency and trust in food supply chain, Counterfeit and Lack of consumer engagement ​