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TrackGenesis is an award-winning blockchain based software company headquartered in Aberdeen, United Kingdom. We aim to support the businesses to grow by enabling them to transform digitally through cutting edge technological solutions using blockchain and other modern software technologies.

We believe that upholding our strong values around TRANSPARENCY, TRUST & INNOVATION is important throughout our business journey and key to our success. Our teams are spread across the globe and we believe it's equally important to create a collaborative team with high ethical standards to serve our clients with best-in-class service. Our culture is of the most important to us and we believe that our employees are the pillars of our success and ensure that they are natured and treated the same way we treat our clients. We believe in the human touch to all our business transactions and will not compromise on our culture and ethical standards

While we are committed to our employees and customers, we have a strong vision for Net Zero Carbon as well. We strongly believe in contributing to the environment by using environmentally friendly technologies. Our blockchain technology is guaranteed to be environmentally friendly to support the net-zero initiative.

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Decentralized Application (DApp)

Our software help firms to achieve a blockchain consortium across their business using distributed ledger technologies (DLT). By introducing a blockchain network and smart contracts into your daily business practices you will be able to access real-time, tamper-proof data. Such data can be used to maximise your efficiencies and redirect efforts to expanding your customer base and enhancing your product.

ERC20 Tokens and NFTs

We are part of the revolution and our team of developers are experts in developing both fungible and non-fungible tokens (NFT) in the Ethereum network. We can help companies to create NFTs to represent ownership of their digital or physical assets. We can also create ERC20 tokens for companies and these can work like currencies, but they can also represent shares of a company, loyalty points, certificates etc.

Digital Certificates

Today’s world is full of paperwork that can get damaged, tempered with and lost leading to inefficiencies in the supply chain and huge delays in simple business practices. Blockchain allows for easy, smart certificates that are tamper-proof and instantly shared across the P2P network. Certificates can show technical testing of equipment, maintenance records, certificates of authenticity and much more. Whatever paperwork is crucial to your business, we can adapt to blockchain to encompass this for your peace of mind.

Data Transparency

Data is now one of the most valuable assets in today’s society and it is how you use that data that speaks for you as an organisation. By allowing transparent and open communications within your business network consumers begin to understand your products and processes and trust your brand. The data they provide can allow never before seen, trustworthy insights into your market and can allow the user to leave honest and tamper-proof reviews.

Benefits to businesses
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How Blockchain helps business?

Blockchain is a peer-to-peer network used for sharing data. By creating a private Blockchain network, TrackGenesis can provide customers with transparency and trust throughout their business network without disclosing key industry information. Our software and apps can be tailored to your industry, clients and suppliers you work with to ensure a final product that suits your needs. Our technology allows you to give your stakeholders the transparency and trust that modern society requires.

How can I implement blockchain into my business?

There is no industry that won’t benefit from the clarity and efficiency given by TrackGenesis’s blockchain solutions. To start your journey and release the potential of your organisation all you have to do is ask. Use our “contact us” form, let us know your industry and your aims and we can get back to you and discuss options to move forward and bring the future closer. The journey we want to take you on is a conversation, a two-way partnership that allows you to ensure the end product suits your needs. Our small, dedicated, team of developers can share their industry learnings and expertise with you so that you know you are getting a solution that will best suit you.

Transparency and Trust

Our experience lies with fashion and food and drink companies, creating bespoke applications to suit their respective needs and tailoring that further to the requirements of individual organisations. However, TrackGenesis can be implemented in any industry to ensure transparency and trust in their supply chain and day to day processes. Having transparency within their business allows companies to reduce the risk of compromising quality fostering trust with the customer: creating loyal consumers. The technology that TrackGenesis provide can furnish the client with accurate and trustworthy realtime consumer data. This can be an invaluable asset to any operation allowing businesses to focus and understand the client’s needs.


The core value of TrackGenesis is to provide complete transparency of the supply chain to the consumer. At the same time, TrackGenesis can be used as a marketing tool to display the story of their product to consumers by integrating YouTube videos into the platform. When the consumer scans the product, TrackGenesis capture the geo-location along with the time stamp. This feature is useful for companies who are exporting their product to multiple countries. Currently, they are relying on distributors to know where their products are being sold. When speaking to industry professionals they expressed concern at discovering that some products are being exported to be sold but the product is then being exported further to another country for further resale without their knowledge. They felt they had missed out on the other market and wished they had known about the demand for their product.


It is reported that in New York City approximately 43% of fish is mislabeled. This is a staggering figure and fraud on this scale should not be possible. By incorporating blockchain into daily use, stories like this can be a thing of the past and consumers can shop with the confidence that they know exactly what goes into their basket. Every time a product changes hands or transferred to another location, TrackGenesis stores the transaction in the blockchain which is immutable and tamper-proof. For consumers, having access to this kind of data serves as the first line of defence against counterfeit schemes.


TrackGenesis is currently developing an algorithm to measure the carbon footprint for each food product a company may sell and display it in an easy-to-understand way when a consumer scans the product. This trend will educate consumers on the environmental impacts of the product they are buying and encourage them to make more sustainable choices. This will also help companies to keep track of the carbon emission and help to achieve the net-zero target.

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Rajesh Kumar
Rajesh Kumar Plamthottathil
Founder and Director
Justin J Daniel
Justin J Daniel
Blockchain Developer
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Anju K S
Blockchain Developer
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Christina Thomas
Software Developer
Mrudula Mukundan
Mrudula Mukundan
Software Developer
Remya Jose
Remya Jose
Software Developer
Akhil JP
Akhil JP
Software Developer
Akhil JP
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Software Developer

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Special Award - Food and Drink Category

TrackGenesis won a special award in the Food and Drink category at a prestigious national awards ceremony by Scottish Institute for Enterprise in March 2019.
The Scottish Institute for Enterprise (SIE) Awards were held on Thursday 28 March at Glasgow’s Corinthian Club, recognising the winners of SIE’s annual Fresh Ideas competition, the longest-running early-stage idea competition in Scotland.

Fresh Ideas Winner

TrackGenesis won Scottish Institute for Enterprise’s (SIE) monthly fresh ideas competition in December 2018. SIE’s Fresh Ideas competition is the longest-running early-stage idea competition in Scotland.